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The Kenwyn Project



Hello again ….just thought for the sake of completion I would add the final news

Today we accepted an offer on the old house ….our bare minimum but that’s the market today I guess. We had good interest in the four weeks and six offers to consider …

We are now looking for the next project …one option being studied is a six bedroom house to convert into student accommodation for rent .

…and there may be another blog too

Have a great 2013 everyone !

a message in a bottle….

You’ve read the blog and or the book…or bits of it maybe…now see the movie !

its here

….if you don’t want to watch it all can I recommend the four minutes from 11 to 15 …….oh and the last three minutes are good too …

We have finished most of the odd jobs and there will be a For Sale sign up on Tuesday 27th …
Thanks again and bye bye……………..

we’ve come a long long way together

through the bad times and the good ……

I want to pay tribute to Jenny ….the lovely and very remarkable woman who I love …..where she goes I will follow. She went to Kenwyn Road …..

Jenny is driven to succeed and more often than not does so ….and not by luck but by sheer honest hard work . She has the valuable gifts of foresight , logic and patience. If she doesn’t know how to achieve a task she will find out , think it out and then carry it out. Jenny does not fail …..simple. In other words she is all the things I am not. Yet we make a perfect team because I am the other side of the see saw and it is balanced. I don’t really know what I am but it works for us …..and long may it do so .

we’re off into the sunset now with the music of  The Who in the background dedicated to my wife Jenny .

Listening to you I get the music.
Gazing at you I get the heat.
Following you I climb the mountain.
I get excitement at your feet!
Right behind you I see the millions.
On you I see the glory.
From you I get opinions.
From you I get the story.
Listening to you I get the music.
Gazing at you I get the heat.
Following you I climb the mountain.
I get excitement at your feet!

Thank you everyone who has taken the trouble to read my blog as I wrote it  , and Thank you for reading my book……hope you enjoyed it…….

a very pleasing outcome ……

The door is open ! Welcome to the house ……

Well that’s it bar the shouting ! The list of odd jobs grew today but I won’t be boring you with those……so we are at the end.

We spent the day pottering, cleaning and clearing our rubbish out . Then two Estate Agents visited and gave us very positive feedback. The valuation makes it all worthwhile…..

A very big Thank You to Team Kenwyn , superbly led by Jenny . They are all mentioned in this blog and to a person have done a great job.

Jenny and myself are completely and utterly knackered but happy .
Whilst the house is for sale we will be nipping down often to keep it warm and do those final touches …I will also create a video record of the project

and there’s just one more person to pay tribute to ………………………

days like these …..

These are good days ….like the last week before Christmas Day.

Jenny was always confident right from the start we would get here , I certainly was not . I only understand that confidence now . All it needed was hard work .

The list of jobs left to do looks like this …

Fit smoke alarms, Paint Fireplace hearth , Clean up and clear out …….
I never thought the day would arrive when I could say ….the entire house inside and outside has been Painted ! The porch entrance was last …

and as you see the door is on too . That’s because all the doors are on ! It just gets better and better ……

So after I paint the last bit of the Fireplace …

I will be cleaning up with Jenny and we can go home …….to sleep for a week

brass knobs

sounds like an expletive ! Which it could be because today is not our last day …that was optimistic , but we are not despondent it is still the last week …I will be outstaying my welcome with you all for a few more days.

Jenny’s Dad , Reggie , has cleaned up the Brass doorknobs for us , they look very good…..

Thank you Reggie ……

More doors are going on …..

and the Lounge Fireplace has taken up my day ….

Bugger just noticed I missed a bit…that’s usually Jenny’s job to tell me.

So the ending might yet take us by surprise …we honestly don’t know where it is but there has to come a point when we declare no more ….that’s enough……it’s ready !

Shoes off please !

When our Grandson visited back in July we told him to keep his shoes on because the floors were dirtier than he could ever make them …well not today !
John ‘always the last in’ Pearce is our Carpetman and he has done a great job for us … .Welcome to Team Kenwyn John

Looks like I got an action shot of John in action…..

Even better Jenny and I  had to stay out of the way while he worked upstairs, so we both had a taste of normal life and went for drinks at a pub for lunchbreak ! After that I discovered normal clothes again finding that none of my jeans fit me any more and my belt doesn’t go tight enough to hold them up. Forget all those expensive diet programs , just do some exercise or physical work !
The carpets bring another massive change to the house …no …to our second home ..(for a while). A lot of camerawork to do now ….a full video coming soon . Here’s a sneak preview pic….or two

silent stairs !

and Jenny is working on the doors …

John and Jenny are still there at 6.15 pm , I have been sent home to put the chicken in the oven …Thanks John ….see you on the next house !

So a half day today for me at long last …you know I like my time off ….but although it’s probably the last day tomorrow it will be a long one….