the Doors are coming back ……

although we are riding a small storm or two and it’s cold enough to light my fire ….the Doors band are sadly not coming back ….our Doors are though !

It’s a struggle this humor stuff sometimes as you can tell …..

It’s a good idea while there is space in the Lounge to treat the doors with Danish Oil and Jenny has spent the last two days doing just that ….the Bathroom door can go on but there is carpet to lay before we can add the rest.
Our little storms are that the light fitting for the landing is causing an earth trip out at the fuse box …and we can’t get the Gas card to activate so no light my fire yet ….

We did our investigating for the electrical trip out but this one defeated us so we  have decided to allow the electricians to fix it when they come to final fit the downstairs electrics.

Painting moves ever onward and the corner I will paint myself into will arrive soon ……

bet you’re all bored of hearing the end is near aren’t you …well not as bored as I am of painting !!

the end is near though ……..


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