Shoes off please !

When our Grandson visited back in July we told him to keep his shoes on because the floors were dirtier than he could ever make them …well not today !
John ‘always the last in’ Pearce is our Carpetman and he has done a great job for us … .Welcome to Team Kenwyn John

Looks like I got an action shot of John in action…..

Even better Jenny and I  had to stay out of the way while he worked upstairs, so we both had a taste of normal life and went for drinks at a pub for lunchbreak ! After that I discovered normal clothes again finding that none of my jeans fit me any more and my belt doesn’t go tight enough to hold them up. Forget all those expensive diet programs , just do some exercise or physical work !
The carpets bring another massive change to the house …no …to our second home ..(for a while). A lot of camerawork to do now ….a full video coming soon . Here’s a sneak preview pic….or two

silent stairs !

and Jenny is working on the doors …

John and Jenny are still there at 6.15 pm , I have been sent home to put the chicken in the oven …Thanks John ….see you on the next house !

So a half day today for me at long last …you know I like my time off ….but although it’s probably the last day tomorrow it will be a long one….


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